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The minimum period of schooling shall be at least 7 weeks for Categories C, a minimum of 4 weeks for categories A, A2 and B, 2 weeks for BE and CE; and 1 week for category BX.

The contract shall be concluded for a maximum period of six months For categories A,A2,B,BX,be,C,CE from the elevation date at school. This applies if the student has not contacted the school secretariat and has not been present at the theoretical and practical hours.

  • Identity Card
  • Driving license (if applicable)
  • Criminal record with the remark:
    • AUTO exam (for the ones who are enrolling for the following categories: B, BE, C, CE)
    • BX driver’s license certificate (for BX category type)
    • MOTO exam (for the ones who are enrolling for the following categories: A and A2)
  • The file received from school
  • Proof of payment of the authorized fee paid to RAAPPS
  • Original Identity Card and Driving license (if applicable)
  • Get the completed file from the school
  • Schedule yourself on the website for “Register examination file”(recommended schedule time between 8-14:30)
  • After you register the file you shall present to take the theoretical examination
    (The theoretical examination can be taken on the same day as file registration if you will register for examination by 15:30)
  • After passing the theoretical examination, schedule your course exam using the computer or by going to the counter (in areas or places where you have completed the practical training)
  • Call and announce the school/instructor, the date and time of the course exam
  • Take the course exam

You can take the exam again after 16 calendar days.

  • You are presenting the examination file to the school office
  • You will complete a request to sign up for extra hours
  • The vehicle rehire fee is paid for the exam, plus a minimum of 3 additional driving lessons
  • You will take the additional driving lessons
  • You will get the certificate issued by the school attesting to the overtime
  • Reschedule for the course exam at the DRPCIV
  • You present to the office with the file you received from the other school
  • A request for registration will be completed
  • Extra hours plus vehicle rental charge are paid (extra hours are needed here to get to the student used to the school’s cars and for the instructors to be able to help you if there are any shortcomings in your practice)
  • Pick up the transfer sheet from the previous school and the necessary documents(Medical Sheet, Psychological Sheet, your criminal record)
  • Please provide the school office with the relevant documents, plus the Identity Card and Drivers License (if applicable)
  • Complete the registration form
  • Normal driving hours will be scheduled (driving hours held at the previous school will be deducted from the total number of hours)
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