Category A2

About Category A2

Includes motorcycles with a maximum power output of 35kW, with a power/weight ratio not exceeding 0.2 kW/kg and not derived from a vehicle having more than twice its power.

Course category A2, contents and requirements:

  • Theoretical training(24 hours legislation)
  • Practical training on the training ground and in traffic
  • For practical training, the learner must present himself/herself with high shoes (over the ankle), long trousers. Personal equipment is recommended, and in case you are unable to, the school will provide the students with necessary equipment.

The Adi Moto driving school is distinguished by:

  • PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT provided to students during practical training hours and examination – helmet, jacket or groan with protection, knee pads, gloves and personal hood.
  • Professional, experienced instructors.
  • Simulation of the moto test, carried out on the official examination trail.
  • Additional activities for developing reflexes and further explanations in case of any questions.
  • MOTORCYCLES SUITABLE FOR SHORT HEIGHT PERSONS (Honda Rebel CMX 500 for persons that are 1.50 tall)

How much ?

Total cost
1700 Lei
Without Category B
3000 Lei
  • Payment can be made in 4 installments
  • The price represents only the course

Want your personal instructor?

The Adi Moto School offers you the possibility to conduct all Moto meetings with a personal instructor, both on the testing ground and in traffic.

About VIP Package

Additional information:

  • Copy of C.I (identity card)·
  • Criminal record with the mention AUTO exam·
  • Psychological test suitable category B (can be carried out in collaboration with Medicus Center).
  • Medical certificate suitable for category B (can be done in collaboration with Medicus Center).·
  • Certificate from the family doctor with the mention “Suitable for obtaining a AUTO/MOTO license”

The minimum age for category A2 is 17 years and 9 months old.

Schooling for one or more categories A, A2, B, BE, C, CE may not exceed 6 months.
In case of exceeding the 6 months, the theoretical and practical training of the student in order to obtain the driving license can be done only after concluding another schooling contract, for a new entire training course (OMT 733/2013, art.33)

Foreign people may attend the driving school in Romania only if they have a document certifying the right to reside in the country for more than 3 months (90 days).

If you choose to take the route exam at our school a fee of 250 RON is charged for renting the motocycle.

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