Category BE

About Category BE

Comprises the combination of vehicles consisting of a drawing motor vehicle of category B and a trailer or semi-trailer of which total mass exceeds 750kg. The total assembly may exceed 3500kg but may not exceed 7000 kg.

Course category BE, contents and requirements:

  • Theoretical training (10 hours legislation course)
  • Practical training

How much?

Total cost Category BE
800 RON
  • Payment can be made in 4 installments
  • The price represents only the course

Additional information

The minimum age for subcategory BE is 17 years and 9 months old.

  • Copy of C.I (identity card)·
  • Criminal record with the mention AUTO exam·
  • Psychological test suitable category B (can be carried out in collaboration with Medicus Center).
  • Medical certificate suitable for category B (can be done in collaboration with Medicus Center).·
  • Certificate from the family doctor with the mention “Suitable for obtaining a AUTO/MOTO license”

Schooling for one or more categories A, A2, B, BE, C, CE may not exceed 6 months.
In case of exceeding the 6 months, the theoretical and practical training of the student in order to obtain the driving license can be done only after concluding another schooling contract, for a new entire training course (OMT 733/2013, art.33)

Foreign people may attend the driving school in Romania only if they have a document certifying the right to reside in the country for more than 3 months (90 days).

Enrollment form

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