Category A

About Category A

Covers motorcycles with or without sidecar and tricycles with a power exceeding 15 kW. Their mass without load is greater than 180 kg.

If the motorcycle is powered by an internal combustion engine, the cylinder capacity of the engine shall be at least 600cm and, if powered by an electric motor, the power weight ratio of the vehicle shall be at least 0,25 kW/kg.

Class A course, contents and requirements:

  • Theoretical training (24 hours legislation course)
  • Practical training on testing ground and in traffic
  • For practical training, the learner must present himself/herself with high shoes (over the ankle), long trousers. Personal equipment is recommended and in case you are unable to, the school will provide the students with necessary equipment.

The Adi Moto school is distinguished by:

  • PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT provided to students during practical training hours and examination – helmet, jacket or groan with protection, knee pads, gloves and personal hood.
  • Professional, experienced instructors.
  • Simulation of the moto test, carried out on the official examination trail.
  • Additional activities for developing reflexes and further explanations in case of any questions.

How much?

1700 Lei
Without Category B
3000 Lei
  • Payment can be made in 4 installments
  • The price represents only the course

Want your personal instructor ?

The Adi Moto School offers you the possibility to conduct all Moto meetings with a personal instructor, both on the training grounds and in traffic.

About VIP Package


They were so patient with me
Congratulations to all! 👏👏❤ Beautiful people, wonderful people, who had so much patience with my hand, did not let me give up, were by my hand until the moment when I managed to get what I wanted. 🙏🙏 I love you, the whole #Adimoto❤❤ te ... Read more am
Mihaela C.
The best moments!
Here I lived among the best moments! The instructors are very good, they gave me confidence from the first day I got on the engine. It was harder for me at first, but they did not leave me at all discouraged, on the contrary, they supported me and support ... Read more ed me until the day of the exam. I recommend this school with all my heart, they are the best instructors. I already miss you <3
Denisa Hutanu
It moves fast, new motorcycles
Fast moving, new bikes, professional instructors. I recommend. I gave for A2 and I finished in about 45 days with the exam. It probably would have lasted less if I had taken the salary faster 😂😂.
Mihai P.
Attention is paid to each student
Well organized, good material base, polygon 100 meters away. Attention is paid to each student, no one is left with unanswered questions. Each element required for the exam is repeated many times until it comes out properly. I recommend!
Andrei S
Recomand cu incredere
I recommend with the utmost confidence. I took the courses for both A1 and A and I was very satisfied!
Stefan B.
At 49 years, I got the license
I'm cristina. Last year I took the moto.category license. I attended the classes at the Adi moto school, I knew them because I saw them in traffic, I lived in the neighborhood ... When I decided that I wanted a category A permit, I went directly to them a ... Read more nd started the courses. I liked it for the first time and I also got the permit. ... When I'm in traffic and there are less pleasant situations, in my mind I thank the instructors for what they taught me.
Cristina S.
I had 4 hours of dreaming
PROFESSIONALS little said! they taught me all the possible tricks in 4 hours on the motorcycle (2 traffic and 2 polygon), I was initially doing school at a school mess (I don't give it its name anymore, although it would be worth it ...). I had 4 hours of ... Read more dreaming with all the instructors in the polygon, they all gave me advice and techniques that helped me the most, and on the 3rd day after the 4 hours I also got the category A permit. These guys work wonders, involvement, devotion and everything you need, here you find it. There would be a lot to say in the 4 sessions spent here, there were so many tips that I need time to apply everything. You MUST pay them a visit to see with your own eyes what these guys are doing in the polygon if you want to take the motorcycle exam. Dragos, Paul, Adi and a young boy - I didn't remember his name (he showed me behind me how not to be tense on the engine, driving the whole polygon with one hand even on corners) are the most good motorcycle instructors you could choose! Lastly and I end here, they have the newest and smartest tricks, at the exam I was also sorry for the other students from other schools when I saw on what dirt the motorcycles take the exam (the other instructors were laughing at each other with their engines "stop the engine that does not catch fire "). I RECOMMEND this school!
Gib G.

Additional information:

The minimum age for category A is 23 years and 9 months old.

Schooling for one or more categories A, A2, B, BE, C, CE may not exceed 6 months.
In case of exceeding the 6 months, the theoretical and practical training of the student in order to obtain the driving license can be done only after concluding another schooling contract, for a new entire training course (OMT 733/2013, art.33)

Foreign people may attend the driving school in Romania only if they have a document certifying the right to reside in the country for more than 3 months (90 days).

  • Copy of C.I (identity card)·
  • Criminal record with the mention AUTO exam·
  • Psychological test suitable category B (can be carried out in collaboration with Medicus Center).
  • Medical certificate suitable for category B (can be done in collaboration with Medicus Center).·
  • Certificate from the family doctor with the mention “Suitable for obtaining a AUTO/MOTO license”

If you choose to take the route exam at our school a fee of 250 RON is charged for renting the motocycle.

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